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Kristdios Music will get you new students within your local area, you don’t need to go out and look for students!

Pay Rate

You set the pay rates, not us! Once you register your detail and your expected pay rate, we will match up the students for you. In order to secure the payment from students, we will collect the fee from the students at the start of each month. Once you provide a lesson, the payment will automatically go into your account!

Choose your location and working hour

You can teach from your own studio, or travel to your student’s homes. You’ll also be the one who sets your regular lesson time-slots with your students and you can have as many or as few students as you wish. This provide a lot more flexibility to teachers.

Teaching Style

We know that you’re at your best when you teach in your natural way. However, we also offer a range of programs for you to choose in case you’re running out of ideas! You can arrange your own teaching materials to the students. But we can order books and will be posted directly to the parents on your behalf.

Emergency Teaching

  1. Unable to teach (one-off)
    If you are aware that you will be unable to teach on any particular day (unusual circumstances only), we can find a fill-in teacher for you. Please contact us as soon as possible.
  2. Program Cancellation
    If you are unable to teach for the rest of the term and would like to find a fill-in teacher to replace your teaching (long-term absence), please let us know at least 2 weeks ahead. We’ll contact the parents and arrange a new teacher for the program.


It is common for students to go for examinations on their instruments. You can either register them through Kristdios Music or register on your own studio. Accompaniment is essential in examinations wherever the pieces presented are provided with piano accompaniment, with the exception of extra list pieces. Contact us now and we’ll be able to arrange an accompanist for your students.

Yearly Concert

Concerts are often the first opportunity parents have of seeing their children perform. Therefore, Kristdios Music organizes a concert at the end of each year. You are welcomed to register your students to be part of the performers. This will be a good opportunity in helping children learn goal setting and team-work skills. Also, performance in other public events may also available. Let us know if you are interested, and information will be sent to you on regular basis.

Performing Opportunities

Kristdios Music offers music support in wedding, funeral, parties and other events. You’re more welcome to join our band if the dates suit you.

Other requirements

  • Working With Children Check
  • Access to Internet so that we can contact you!

So why don’t join us now?